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Best Toddler Playpen Reviews

The best toddler playpen strikes the right balance between adequate safe and safety. A playpen provides a convenient security zone for your young child. It helps you nip out of the room knowing that your child has a safe place to play in and won’t get up to mischief. An absolute essential for parents with young toddlers, here are three playpens for your consideration:


What is the Best Toddler Playpen to buy in 2017?

Summer Playsafe Playard

Summer Infant Secure Surround Play Safe Play Yard, Tan

This playpen comes in two varieties: 6-panel or the slightly larger 8-panel. It is a freestanding and portable playpen suited for both indoor and outdoor use. The playpen spans 18.5 square foot playard and stands 30 inches tall, so it has more than enough space for your child. The playpen is constructed of lightweight plastic and is made extra portable with the inclusion of a carry handle. Moreover, the neutral tan color blends easily with your interior décor or backyard.

This playpen appears to serve its purpose nicely, keeping little climbers in without constraining them. Parents are assured enough to leave their child and run errands around the house, with their toddler playing about contentedly. The playpen fits the interior of most living rooms. However, a few parents have noted that the holes in the panels might prove dangerous for your child if he or she gets an arm or leg stuck.

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Baby/Kids Playpen Play Center Safety Yard Pen (JBW-8)

Baby Kids Playpen 8 Panel Play Center Safety Yard Pen (Jbw-8 Model)

This 8-panel playpen is meant for children over 4 years of age. With swinged hinged doors, it is accessible to both parent and child, while the safety lock on the doors allows you to lock your child in while you briefly step out. When fully assembled, it is 73 inches in diameter with each panel measuring 31×23.5 inches.

Parents were attracted to the fun and varied colors of the playpen. The playpen was easy to assemble and looked solid and sturdy. The safety lock received special mention, as parents felt satisfied in the knowledge that their child was safe inside. The plastic used to construct the panels was durable and tough. Be aware the bear decals were a choking hazard in some instances, while some parents reported that the playpen was flimsy and fell apart quite often.

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North States Superyard Play Yard

North States Superyard Play Yard, Colorplay, 6 Panel

Like the Summer Playsafe, this playpen comes as either a 6-panel or an 8-panel, according to your preference. You have the option of choosing either plain grey or colorplay, where the panels are are an assortment of bright and cheery colors. This playpen is 26’ high and a convenient carrying strap is included for portability. The playpen is not only lightweight and portable, it can be assembled and set-up in seconds and used both indoors and outdoors. Similar to the Summer Playsafe, this playpen offers 18.5 square feet of play area for your child.

Things that parents liked about this playpen include the fact that it’s easy to clean, comes with a carrier handle and is easy to put together. The playpen does not have any sharp edges, so there is less risk of your child injuring himself or herself. On the downside, the playpen is difficult to take apart and is much too heavy to really be portable.

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Buying the Best Toddler Playpen

The North States Superyard Play Yard is the only playpen among the three that doesn’t pose a safety hazard. It is durable, sturdy and offers enough space and protection. The best playpen is one that gives your child space to play and gives you time to complete outstanding chores and errands.