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Best Teddy Bear Reviews

The best teddy bear is cute, cuddly and makes the perfect gift. Teddy bears are a popular present to give to kids and adults alike because they are lovely cuddly toys that can be played with or simply left on the bed as a companion. On a more practical level, they should be easy to wash and clean, especially if you’re buying one for a child. Here are three options:


What is the Best Teddy Bear to buy in 2017?

Ty Shaggy Bear

Ty Shaggy Bear

This classic teddy is an official product from the plush toy manufacturer Ty’s popular Collection series. To make sure you’ve purchased an authentic Ty product and not a rip-off, look for the signature Ty heart-shaped tag on the bear’s ear. Each Ty product is handmade up to the highest standards in the toy industry.

This bear makes the perfect gift for kids and wives or girlfriends. It is very cute and is a wonderful, classic plush toy. It sits upright and can be played with for hours on end. It’s small, furry and everything a plush toy should be. Suffice to say, it has made many recipients very happy. However, some customers noted that the bear was not as big as they had hoped it would be.

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Gund Philbin Bear

Gund Philbin 18″ Bear, Beige

This adorable beige teddy bear is slightly understuffed on purpose to make it more cuddly and lovable. Moreover, this teddy bear has cute features and embroidered paw pads for a varied effect and texture. This bear’s pleasant smile and sweet personality make him hard to resist. Touted as the world’s most huggable teddy bear since 1898, you can’t go wrong with this teddy bear. Parents with little kids will be pleased to note that the teddy bear is surface washable – simply pop him into the washing machine. Last but not least, the bear is 18 inches high, just the right height for a child.

Reviewers were very pleased with the quality of the bear, saying that the material and the stuffing were very good. The teddy bear is soft, fluffy and downright adorable. Many people were happy with their purchase, particularly since it was such a hit with recipients. Users really enjoy playing with this bear and snuggling with it. At 18 inches, it was just the right height for most users, although some reviewers wished it was bigger.

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Aurora World Ashford Teddy Bear

Aurora World 22″ Ashford Teddy Bear

Made of new super soft material, this white bear is soft and snug for cuddling. Meanwhile, lots of attention is paid in the making of the bear, accounting for the exquisite detail in the eyes and face. For a nice finish, the bear comes with a satin bow around the neck. Also, the classic Ashford label is sewn on the paw of each teddy bear. Slightly taller than the above teddy bear, this bear is 22 inches high.

According to reviewers, this teddy bear is incredibly soft and fluffy, so it is fun to have and play with. Users were also impressed with the quality of the bear. This bear is the ideal birthday or Christmas for that special teddy-lover.

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Buying the Best Teddy Bear

There’s too much cuteness here, but if we had to choose just one to recommend, go for the Aurora World Ashford Teddy Bear – after all, who can resist that face? What makes the best teddy bear is a matter of personal preference, as there are so many out there that are guaranteed to make people happy.