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Best Swaddle Blanket Reviews

With parents becoming increasingly active in searching for the most innovative of products to enhance their parenthood experience, purchasing the best swaddle blanket is a worthwhile investment. Unlike traditional swaddle blankets, current swaddle blankets are engineered to meet the properties of functionality and comfort. These blankets are often made to serve multiple purposes other than to swaddle a baby and are made with good quality fabric to maximize the child’s comfort. Also, the technology vested in current swaddle blankets assure concerned parents that their child will be sound asleep. Based on these characteristics, here are a few options of swaddle blankets for review.

What is the Best Swaddle Blanket to buy in 2017?

Aden By aden + anais Muslin Swaddle Blanket 4 Pack

Aden By aden + anais Muslin Swaddle Blanket 4 Pack, Safari Friends

The Aden By aden + anais Muslin Swaddle Blanket 4 Pack is made of 100% cotton muslin; a breathable fabric purposed to maximize airflow and in turn minimize any risk of overheating, to preserve comfort. With every wash, the blanket becomes softer in order to keep the child snug. Furthermore, the uses of the Aden blanket is not limited to just a swaddle blanket. It functions as a stroller cover, nursing cover, changing table cover, burp cloth, tummy time blanket and other relevant uses. Measuring 44 by 44 inches, the blanket is relatively large in size, making swaddling effortless. It is also machine washable and comes with 4 wraps per package.
Reviewers should however note that the Aden blanket is not without drawbacks. The 44 by 44 inches blanket can be easily outgrown by speedily developing toddlers and thus is inefficient for swaddling. On a related note, some users have also deemed the Aden blanket not suitable for swaddling as the blanket cannot be wrapped tightly around the child. In spite of that, the blanket works well for infants and is lightweight enough to be utilized for other related means.
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Summer Infant Muslin Swaddling Blanket 3-Pack

Summer Infant SwaddleMe 3-Pack, Sports

Like the previous product, The Summer Infant Muslin Swaddling Blanket 3-Pack is also made of 100% cotton but with a more structured design. The blanket consists of a removable leg pouch which allows for convenient diaper changes without having to unswaddle the baby, as well as soft fabric wings which ensures that the baby is safely and comfortably fastened. Furthermore, the fabric wings are adjustable in order to accommodate the growing baby from birth to 12 months. With secure hook-and-loop fasteners, the baby is assured of a sound and still rest. There is also a harness slit on the blanket which is suitable for use with most 5 point harness restraints for car seats and other similar systems, reducing the hassle of travelling. Additionally, the Summer Infant Muslin Swaddling Blanket comes in various sizes to ensure a good fit for the baby.
Nevertheless, reviewers should note the setbacks to this product: in spite of the myriad of size options, some users have mentioned that the product does not run true to size and is therefore inefficient in keeping the baby snug. Also, there were multiple instances where the blanket shrinked after one wash. However, some users have pointed out that following the washing instructions provided and air-drying the blanket after that could help prevent shrinkage.
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HALO 100% Cotton Sleepsack Swaddle

HALO SleepSack 100% Cotton Swaddle, Cream, Small

The HALO 100% Cotton Sleepsack Swaddle is a wearable swaddle blanket made from 100% cotton interlock that is fitted over the infant’s sleepwear. Purposed to induce sound and comfortable sleep for the baby, the HALO swaddle blanket carefully immobilizes the baby’s arms to prevent “moro” reflex and decreases the likelihood of breathing interference which often occurs with the use of loose blankets. Unlike other swaddle blankets, the HALO blanket has a unique 2-in-1 adjustable structure that allows the child to be swaddled comfortably with their arms tucked in or out in accordance with their timely needs. The blanket also comes with an inverted zipper at the bottom to allow diaper changing without the need of undressing the baby and. Furthermore, the sleeveless design and detachable velcro wings decreases the probability of overheating and the sack bottom provides ample leg room for the baby’s feet movement. Healthwise, the HALO blanket is certified as “hip healthy” by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute and has been utilized by a large number of hospitals in educating safe sleeping practices. The swaddle blanket is catered to newborns and small infants of 6-12 pounds and 13-18 pounds respectively.
Despite receiving recognition by health associations and institutions, the HALO Sleepsack Swaddle is not without its flaws. The detachable swaddle wrap has caused suffocation problems for infants who actively move in their sleep as the wrap can be easily moved and may end up covering the infant’s face, thus initiating breathing difficulties. Nevertheless, the manufacturers of this product have since altered the design of the blanket by permanently attaching the swaddle wrap to the garment. Other consumers have commented that the swaddle blanket is totally ineffective against the constant movement of their baby, but manufacturers have pointed out that such occurrences may be due to the baby’s physical growth which marks the end of their need to be swaddled.
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Buying the Best Swaddle Blanket

In terms of specifications, all three models featured above are rather similar. They are all made with 100% cotton for breathability purposes and proposes a relatively decent job in retaining the snugness of the child. The blankets are also available in various sizes and adjustment features in order to accommodate growing infants. Nevertheless, the size of blankets have proven to be a nuisance for all three models. A large blanket has become synonymous with inefficient swaddling as there is a propensity for the blanket to come loose with the movement of the infant. Therefore, the swaddle blanket may not be as effective for certain babies, especially those that display constant motion in rest. However, this may also signify the growth of an infant whereby swaddling is no longer relevant. All in all, each of the models above adequately make the list of contemplation as to which is ultimately, the best swaddle blanket.