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Best Stroller For Newborn Reviews

Parents who are looking a stroller for their newborn babies would be interested in getting a stroller for newborn babies. A stroller would aid parents in travelling with their babies. Strollers are a sort of transportation for babies or children, whereby parents could place their babies in so that they could sleep or rest in it without having the need to carry their babies around in their arms. A good stroller would be comfortable for their babies and easy to maneuver for parents. Here are 3 reviews for strollers for newborn babies.

What is the Best Stroller For Newborn to buy in 2017?

Stokke Xplory Newborn Stroller

Stokke Xplory Newborn Stroller – Beige

The Stokke Xplory Newborn Stroller is a stroller with an innovative but yet stylish attractive. This stroller is manufactured from lightweight aluminium and automobile-grade polymer. The stroller’s carry cot is engineered to be used by babies of birth with up to 20 lbs or about 6 months old. The stroller’s seat is designed to be used for babies of birth with up to 45 lbs or about 3 to 4 years old. Additionally, the seat’s height can be easily adjusted in order to bring the child close.
Reviewers are happy that the bassinet is height adjustable and would not hurt their backs from picking their child up from the bassinet. Most of the reviewers are also pleased that they could easily adjust the height by just flipping the lever underneath the baby’s seat. Furthermore, reviewers are satisfied that the handlebar’s height can be adjusted in order to give users an easier time in handling the stroller. A handful of reviewers are content that this stroller is smooth and has hidden shock absorbers, allowing the user and the baby to not feel any impact. Reviewers are also happy that this bassinet carry cot has a mattress in it and babies are comfortable resting in it. Additionally, reviewers are delighted that they can alter the seat’s positions, 2 in the forward and three in the rear.
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Mutsy 06LS-CONAVY-KIT 4Rider Light Newborn Stroller System Team Navy

Mutsy 06LS-CONAVY-KIT 4Rider Light Newborn Stroller System Team Navy

The Mutsy 06LS-CONAVY-KIT 4Rider Light Newborn Stroller System Team Navy is a stroller with the complete Mutsy 4 Rider Newborn Stroller System. This system includes the 4 Rider Lite Stroller Frame which is comfortable and fashionable and has a matching bassinet. This superior baby transport is the best choice for parents on the go as it offers fashion and functionality. This stroller has a lighter weight along with durable tires on to improved maneuverability and versatility.
This stroller can be folded quickly and easily and has a single-hand adjusted handle which is also large. An accessible basket is provided as well which is ideal for outdoor and urban use. The Mutsy frame provides extra convenience as the wheels are easy to remove while the front wheels are locked with a single action. Furthermore, the stroller will stand on its own even when it is folded. The slick and attractive Mutsy Stroller Carrycot which is included is perfect for your child’s comfort and safety.


Graco LiteRider Classic Connect Stroller

Graco LiteRider Classic Connect Stroller, Little Hoot

The Graco LiteRider Classic Connect Stroller will give users a lighter and a mobile experience for active families. This stroller allows users to fold with one-hand and has a lightweight design which is perfect for families who seeks a stroller with portability. Additionally, the 2-level reclining seat which is padded will provide a comfortable ride for babies. This variant is able to accept all Graco Connect Infant car seat which enables users to easily create and customize their own travel system. This stroller has a lightweight frame which weighs about 20 pounds delivering an easier experience when travelling with the baby. This stroller can hold your child with up to 40 pounds. Furthermore, the harness in the stroller will aid in keeping your child safe and securely seated. This stroller also offers front swivel wheels which is lockable and with suspension as well. Additionally, an accessible large basket with storage pocket is provided along with this stroller. This stroller also has a parent try with 2 cup holders and a large and accessible basket with storage pocket.
Reviewers are pleased with the maneuverability of this stroller as most of them could push this stroller easily and comfortably. Some of the reviewers love the accessibility in the basket as well. Reviewers are also pleased with the weight of this stroller as it is light. A handful of the reviewers are satisfied because they could assemble this stroller easily. Additionally, reviewers are also happy that this stroller is robust and durable as it could hold a lot of weight and does not show any signs of stress. However, this stroller received mixed reviews as some of the reviewers found it difficult to fold and unfold the stroller.
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Buying the Best Stroller For Newborn

It can be concluded that the Stokke Xplory Newborn is a clear victor compared to these 2 strollers. The Stokke Xplory Newborn has a height adjustable seat so that babies are closer to their parents and would spare the parents from having back aches. The Stokke Xplory Newborn can allow users to adjust and alter the seat’s position as well. In conclusion, the Stokke Xplory Newborn is a wise choice if parents are interested to purchase a stroller for their newly born babies.