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Best Potty Training Pants Reviews

The best potty training pants provide a smooth transition from diapers to underwear for toddlers. They are not a substitute for diapers, so it is important to initiate a gradual transition from diapers to training pants to diapers. Ideally, training pants should fit loosely and be easy to pull up and down so that the child can use the potty with minimal assistance. The pants should also be waterproof while still retaining some moisture so that the child is aware of the sensation of having to go. Here are three types of potty training pants:


What is the Best Potty Training Pants to buy in 2017?

Gerber Baby-Boys Infant 4 Piece Training Pants

Gerber Baby-Boys Infant 4 Piece Training Pants

These blue and patterned pants come in three sizes: 2T, 3T and 18 months. They are 100% cotton, much like underwear, and are machine washable. As such, they are comfortable for the child to wear and easy for the parent to clean. The panels are 100% cotton as well, so the child should feel no pinching. These pants are specially designed for a child to pull up and down quickly and conveniently. As they are durable, washable and reusable, they are a good choice for the environmentally-conscious.

These pants are a good start to potty training. While they resemble regular underwear in most areas, they have special padding close to the crotch to contain accidents. They fit most children well and parents noted how good they were for the male anatomy, as opposed to many female-styled training pants in the market. On the downside, a few parents complained that the pants did not fit their toddler well and that the pants did not contain leaks, resulting in many overnight messes.

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Seventh Generation Training Pants

Seventh Generation Training Pants 2T-3T, 25 Count (Pack of 4)

Again, these pants come in three sizes: 2T/3T, 3T/4T and 4T/5T. Unlike the above pants though, these are disposable. While disposable pants are easier in that they don’t have to be cleaned, they are also harmful for the environment and more expensive in the long run. These pants are of premium fit and absorbency with inner leak barriers for superior protection against leaks. Moreover, the stretchy tear-away side panels complement fit and convenience. The pants are hypoallergenic, chlorine-free, late-free, unscented and do not have any petroleum based ingredients, thus ensuring that they are safe for your toddler’s skin.

Besides being well made and durable, these potty training pants are also absorbent and fit well. They are compact and less bulky. Reviewers also liked the fact that these pants are eco-friendly as far as disposable go and are dye-free. Despite this, many parents reported that this using this product resulted in leaks. The pants also did not fit some children and were rough against the skin, so much so that outbreaks of diaper rash occurred.

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Luvable Friends 3 Pack Training Pants

Luvable Friends 3 Pack Training Pants, White, Size 3

The center panel of these white pants are made of 100% cotton for the softest touch on your toddler’s gentle skin. The fiber sponge is 100% polyester while the side panels are 50% cotton and 50% polyester. The fact that they are machine washable means that they are quick and easy to clean. The pants are generously sized and come with an elastic at the waist for a comfortable fit. Bear in mind that these training pants tend to run small, so it’s best to order them in a larger size.

Reviewers gave special mention to the fact that they are well made and fit nicely, especially around the upper thigh. They are very soft and are comfortable for toddlers to wear. Stains scrubbed off easily enough. In short, it gave children the confidence to transition to regular underwear. There are some quality control issues to be aware of, though. In some cases, the fabric wore out after a few washes, while in other cases the elastic became loose very quickly.

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Buying the Best Potty Training Pants

Having looked at these three brands, the Luvable Friends 3 Pack Training Pants is a good choice for parents trying to potty train their children because these pants help to contain accidents while providing a good transition during potty training. Your child will get used to the best potty training pants, which in turn will become a stepping stone towards independent potty use.