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Best Lightweight Stroller Reviews

For today’s parent, juggling the child and an active lifestyle would sometimes require the best lightweight stroller to be incorporate into their lives. The best lightweight stroller is extremely handy as it frees the hands of parents while not being a huge burden, be it from being fitted into the car to being carried about without much worry, a lightweight stroller is definitely not to be used whilst jogging but is extremely handy for grocery shopping or a weekend away. As such, from features like storage to safety are all important considerations that need to be taken seriously to benefit from the best lightweight stroller.

What is the Best Lightweight Stroller to buy in 2017?

The First Years Jet Stroller

The First Years Jet Stroller, Black/Green

The First Years Jet Stroller comes in 7 options of colours that look not just stylish but also very light and easy to carry about. With a durable frame that’s rated for babies from 6 months old to 50 pounds heavy, this unit comes standard with taller handles for better ergonomics for the parent while a multi-position recline allows the child to be seated comfortably. A 5 point harness also promotes safety and prevents the child from falling out accidentally and with excellent storage facilities including a large parent console and a lower storage basket, this is definitely a clear choice for the modern mom or dad that needs space for all the knick knacks that come standard with baby. An easy one hand fold motion allows this to be kept easily when not in use or when going from one place to another and weighing in at just 11 pounds, this is a clear winner when it comes to these feather weight strollers. With 6 inch wheels that come in pairs on 4 sides, moving is a breeze and a canopy protects child from the elements. Brakes are also standard and allow the stroller to stay in place when the stroller is stationary.
Parents were generally very pleased with the ease of using this stroller, from how easy it was to be transported for those short trips around the neighbourhood whilst not looking cheap. The canopy were also added welcomes and was an economical option. Packaging wise was a huge confidence booster for some as it came packed properly and with lots of foam and assembly was minimal and required about only 10 minutes. Parents were however slightly dismayed by the recline which was only about a mere 2 inch recline and could not be considered a recline at all and with fabric that was not very breathable, using this in hot weather and preventing a sweaty child from overheating was a potential problem. Nevertheless, it was still lauded for being easy to use and easy fold as well while other parents did have problems with wobbling wheels.
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Chicco C6 Stroller

Chicco C6 Stroller

Chicco is another brand name that’s synonymous with car seats and strollers and is definitely no stranger to the baby products world. It is a reliable brand that has established itself as being durable and economical and this particular C6 Stroller resounds as well. With its ultra lightweight aluminium material used in making this troller, the total nett weight comes up to just 11 pounds which is great for parents to handle single handedly. Comfort for the child and safety is definitely taken into consideration with a 2 position reclining seat and a 5 point safety harness that protects the child from accidentally falling out while a front wheel suspension allows this stroller to be used even in rough terrain. A compact umbrella style fold and complete with a practical carry bag and useful shoulder strap makes transporting this unit super easy and with lots of storage in the form of a basket, necessities are always a hand’s reach away from toys for the baby to your car keys.
Reviewers were very pleased and commented highly on the ease of using and light weightedness of this Chicco. Many others recommended it for that weekend grocery trip or for just walks around the block and to the park. Some were however dismayed that the handle height was a bit too low and found themselves kicking the wheels quite often because of this. Categorized as an umbrella stroller, this was with huge safety features including the 5 point harness that was a definite welcome for most. Another advantage of this Chicco was its extra wide seat that made it extra comfortable for the baby and with a sunshade that could be snapped on to be angled towards the sun, this was a huge advantage for parents that enjoyed this Chicco. Some negative points however included straps that were quite difficult to put on.
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Jeep Cherokee Sport Stroller

Jeep Cherokee Sport Stroller, React

Jeep is no stranger to the stroller world and automobile world, it can only work wonders with its vehicles, what more strollers. This unit here comes in a splendid orange that looks stunning and a convenient free-stand and super easy 1-hand fold allows this unit to be used with much ease and to be transported with equal ease. Whilst in its folded form, it can still also be pushed and is a huge plus point especially when you need to take tight alleys or small supermarket aisles. With its lightweight and compact frame, this is definitely a huge plus point for parents who have their hands constantly full and need something that can be handled easily. With all terrain wheels, a snack tray and cargo bags, this unit can take any terrain and can also take all the knick knacks you’re bound to have when baby comes on board. JPMA certification also makes this certified safe to use and prevents accidents.
Users were generally very satisfied with the ease of folding and unfolding this unit with many giving it lots of credit for being one of the easiest and most compact strollers. With tonnes of storage to boot including the back and with a snack tray and cup holder to add, reviewers were also very happy with this as it gave them lots of convenience. Reviewers were also pleased with its other features including how smooth and easy the push was besides being very easy to maneuver, be it tight corners. Its light weight also meant that it could be used with just one hand, from the folding to carrying. Also with the ability to recline for the child’s comfort, an added canopy with a window protects the child from glaring rays while allowing the child to be looked at and constantly monitored by the parent. One negative point was however how the unit could unfold rather easily when folded as it lacked a locking mechanism in its folded form.
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Buying the Best Lightweight Stroller

Getting the best lightweight stroller is definitely a must for some parents out there who just want something light and easy to use for trips to the grocery store or to the park, where other bulkier forms would take too much time setting up and by the time it is ready, the sun is probably beginning to set. Nevertheless, many considerations like the weight and storage space have to be taken into consideration when purchasing a lightweight stroller to ensure that it is the right unit for those short trips without having to trip or fall from ill placed wheels or handles that are too low. For the parent who wants the best lightweight stroller, it is a definite investment that allows more quick convenience without barging on being too expensive or difficult to setup.