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Best Kidco Gate Reviews

Of the many baby gate brands on the market, Kidco is often touted as one of the leaders of the industry. Their Safeway series shows great promise, leaving many satisfied customers. However, choosing a gate for toddlers and pets is a difficult task despite the many reviews, as there are many factors that determine the best gate for your house. The following are three reviews of the bestselling Kidco Gates.

What is the Best Kidco Gate to buy in 2017?

Kidco Safeway Gate

KidCo Safeway® Child Safety Gate – G20 Black

The Kidco Safeway Gate is a hardware mounted gate used at the top of stairs. Made from stable tubular steel, it is easy to adjust the level of the gate. The gate, featuring one-hand operation, opens in either directions, while a safety system is optional to prevent it from opening in the direction of the stairs. The thin rails of the gate makes it different from other large and clunky designs.
Reviews from users have reflected that the gate is easily installed although the anchors provided are not of good quality, resulting in an additional cost to buy separate anchors. The black metal gate blend in with most decors, and are excellent for keeping toddlers and adult pets from dangerous areas. There are conflicting reviews on the quality of the gate, while the thin railings are generally accepted as less durable. Other complaints include poor latch mechanism, weak structure known to have been pushed down by kids, and no auto lock on the gate.
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Kidco Angle-Mount Safeway Gate

KidCo G22 White Safeway Angle Mount

Similar to the gate mentioned above, the Kidco Angle-Mount Safeway Gate, made from steel, also has the single hand operation feature. It has a walk through design, while the gate itself relies on hardware that releases the gate for effortless removal. Standing at 31” high, the gate is suitable for angled openings of 28” to 42”, with optional extension kits that gives additional 9.5” width. With bars about 2” apart, it is safe for children and pets.
Reviews commend the bidirectional swing gate with a safety lock to prevent swing over the stairs, making it suitable for top of stairs. Many users have installed it at challenging angles and have given positive feedback. The gate is very strong but the latch is less durable. Installation is difficult as precise measurements that adhere to the provided template is necessary for gate to function properly. Although the black gate compliments the colour scheme of most houses, users have complained that the hardware provided is cheap and spoils the aesthetics.
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Kidco G15 Gateway Pressure Mount Child Safety Gate

Kidco G15 Gateway Pressure Mount Child Safety Gate, White

Labeled as a heavy duty gate for high traffic areas, the Kidco G15 Gateway Pressure Mount Child Safety Gate is recommended for households with children and pets. The basic gate fits openings of 29” to 37.5”, including two extensions in the package. Extra extensions can be purchased separately to increase the gate width up to 48.125”. The walk-through door at the center of this 29.5” gate opens in either direction and highlights a one hand operated latch. This gate is available in a variety of colors, including the classic black and white.
Although pressure mounted gates are notorious for being hard to install, each of the pressure mounts on this gate can be adjusted independently to ensure that the gate fits snugly on in the opening. The gate is widely praised for being solid and dependable but for its narrow door. For safety reasons, this gate is more suitable for bottom of stairs and doorways. Other feedback from users show that the latch is stiff and is difficult to open and close. Besides that, there design of the gate includes a metal bar across the bottom that is a trip hazard. A reported manufacturing defect has also rendered some gates useless as it does not mount on the opening.
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Buying the Best Kidco Gate

The three Kidco Gates reviewed above have similar features, such as the one hand operation latch and a common stylish appearance, but differ in its structural installation. To choose the best gate for your home, these installation methods must be taken into consideration, in addition to the features that best fit your needs, including the width of the opening and location of the gate.