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Best Glass Baby Bottle Reviews

With the best glass baby bottles, you would not have to worry about product safety. These baby bottles are made from quality glass which is free from any harmful chemicals or coloring. With a little care, these glass baby bottles can last for a long time. Hence, you can use them with total peace of mind. Three glass baby bottles are reviewed as follows:

What is the Best Glass Baby Bottle to buy in 2017?

Evenflo 6 Count Classic Glass Bottle

Evenflo 6 Pack Classic Glass Bottle, 8-Ounce

The Evenflo 6 Count Classic Glass Bottle consists of six baby bottles made from glass which is BPA-free. The bottles come in two sizes – 4 oz or 8 oz. These glass bottles are environmentally friendly as they are a recyclable. Hence, these bottles are a great alternative to the plastic ones. The clear glass bottle makes it easy to read the markings which are etched onto the glass itself.
These bottles come with sensitive response silicone slow-flow nipples which are soft and easy for your baby to latch on. It is also designed with a Micro Air Vent which promotes an even flow of milk so that your baby can feed continuously in a comfortably manner. Many users like this bottle because it is made of glass which does not contain any chemical. These bottles also do not cloud or scratch easily from frequent cleaning which often happen to plastic bottles. The glass is also fairly durable unless it is dropped from a great height or onto a hard surface.
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Born Free Glass Bottle

Born Free 3 Count Glass Bottle With Bonus Sleeve, 9 Ounce

The Born Free Glass Bottle comes in packages of one or three units. You can opt for two bottle sizes – 5 oz or 9 oz. This bottle incorporates a patented leak-free ActiveFlow Venting Technology which has been clinically proven to reduce colic and gas in babies. The soft silicone nipple allows your baby to control the flow of milk, creating an experience just like breastfeeding. Using this bottle, your baby can make the transition from breast to bottle easily.
Made from glass, the bottles are guaranteed to be free from BPA and other potentially harmful chemicals. It is also dishwasher safe. One silicone bottle sleeve is included for each 3-pack purchase. This sleeve protects the bottle and provides a firm grip during feeding as well as minimises heat transfer. The 9 oz bottle comes with a level 2 medium-flow nipple. These bottles can also fit other nipple sizes. Born Free nipples are available in five flow rates to cater to various growth stages of your baby. Each bottle also comes with a cap and sealing disk for traveling convenience.
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Philips AVENT 8 Ounce Natural Glass Bottles

Philips AVENT 8 Ounce Natural Glass Bottles, 2-Pack

The Philips AVENT 8 Ounce Natural Glass Bottles comes in a package of two units. The nipples are soft and shaped like the natural breast for easy latch-on. These bottles are also designed with twin valves which prevent your baby from swallowing air to reduce colic and gas. They are also ergonomically designed so that it is easy for you and baby to grasp the bottles.
These glass bottles do not contain any chemical and are easy to assemble. Its wide neck design makes it easy to clean this bottle. The nipple has built-in comfort petals to keep it from collapsing so that your baby can feed smoothly. This bottle is also compatible with other Natural bottles and components so you can switch the size and nipples to meet your baby’s growing needs.
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Buying the Best Glass Baby Bottle

All three glass baby bottles are favored by many users because they are chemical-free. These bottles also do not have any color markings which could fade over time. The good quality glass also does not cloud or scratch easily like other plastic or non-glass bottles. In terms of size, Born Free bottles offer the larger options. The bonus silicone bottle sleeve included in the 3-unit package also makes this glass bottle more attractive. These glass bottles may break if handled carelessly but they have all the features which you would expect from the best glass baby bottles.