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Best Evenflo Car Seat Reviews

The best Evenflo car seat is one which will offer the best value for you and the highest levels of safety and comfort for your child. Evenflo is a company committed to building its tradition as a trusted partner in nurturing and taking care of children. They have an entire range of car seats on offer, but we’ve narrowed it down to three for you:


What is the Best Evenflo Car Seat to buy in 2017?

Evenflo Tribute 5 Convertible Car Seat

Evenflo Tribute 5 Convertible Car Seat, Saturn

This solid and durable car seat comes in two color schemes: Ella (Pink) and Saturn (Black). The fabric is 100% polyester, a comfortable and soft synthetic material. Parents will be reassured to know that the car seat has been side-impact tested and meets or even exceeds all applicable federal safety standards. The company has conducted its own side impact tests and likewise, the seat meets and exceeds all requirements. This is because the car seat has been designed and tested for structural integrity at energy levels approximately twice the federal crash test standard. As far as fit and securing is concerned, the seat features multiple shoulder harness positions for better fit and longer use, so this seat should last your growing child for a number of years. Meanwhile, the upfront harness adjustment and buckle release allows for easy and convenient adjusting. The integrated body cushion gives added comfort and the seat includes a removable head pillow for older children to nuzzle in.

Reviews of this product were very positive. The car seat is lightweight and narrow, so it was easy for parents to carry it around. It was easy to recline and adjust the shoulder straps and the latch system and tether were solid extras to have. Infants and toddlers found it very comfortable and enjoyed car rides as a result. One parent found it to be poorly made, while another said her child found it uncomfortable, but in spite of this the product comes highly recommended.

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Evenflo Symphony 65 DLX Convertible Car Seat

Evenflo Symphony 65 DLX Convertible Car Seat, Porter

This all-in-one seat has the capacity to accommodate a child weighing 5-110 pounds. Installing the seat to the vehicle should be a breeze as all you have to do is click, click and push for a super quick and easy installation. Furthermore, the infinite slide harness slides easily for an accurate fit every time, without the need to readjust the harness as your child grows.

Installation was frequently brought up as a point in this seat’s favor. Parents were surprised by how easy it was to secure to the vehicle using the latch, and most ended up buying more than one seat. The car seat fits well even in smaller sedans and provided great comfort and cushioning. More importantly, this car seat has also protected children during accidents. Do bear in mind that it is quite bulky so while it fits well, it might take up a lot of seat space in cars.

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Evenflo Chase Lx Booster Car Seat

Evenflo Chase Lx Booster Car Seat, Aqua Optical

This car seat comes in three gender neutral colors: Aqua Optical (Blue), Reese (Purple) and Laguna (Green). Providing extended use, the 100-pound booster mode weight rating can accommodate growing children for longer. As an additional feature, the seat comes with integrated cupholders so your child can access beverages and snacks conveniently. With an upfront harness fitting and two crotch buckle positions, this seat is easy to adjust and should pose no hassle. Parents with carsick children will be relieved to hear that the car seat pad is machine-washable.

Using this car seat is easy – it’s easy to install, easy to strap your child in and easy to clean. It fits in small cars and is not too heavy to carry around. It is relatively comfortable and is an all-round good product. Parent liked the fact that the colors are gender neutral, so they could use it for younger children of a different gender, thereby prolonging the shelf life of the car seat.

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Buying the Best Evenflo Car Seat

The Evenflo Chase Lx Booster Car Seat can do no wrong, so it is the best representative of Evenflo’s commitment to producing high-quality, durable and long-lasting equipment. The best Evenflo car seat demonstrates a high level of comfort and protection and is suitable for everyday use in the family vehicle.