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Best Double Stroller Reviews

Double strollers are a huge blessing in disguise, whether it is with twins or two siblings, the best double stroller will always come in handy when dealing with two children. Not only does it make life so much easier for the tired parent, it also allows the children to bond with one another or to not always be posed with the tough question of which child to put in the stroller and which to carry. Double strollers are therefore modern inventions that are definitely welcome especially in today’s world where parents are eager to have children and the gap between each is usually not too huge and having two young children who are not too used to walking yet is normal, double strollers will save the day. Below are reviews of some of the best double strollers there are in the market today.

What is the Best Double Stroller to buy in 2017?

Graco DuoGlider – Dragonfly

Graco DuoGlider Classic Connect Stroller, Dragonfly

Grace is no stranger to the game of strollers and this DuoGlider – Dragonfly is one of its flagship models. With its ability to accept two Graco Classic Connect Infant Car Seats and with a stroller that can hold 2 children up to 40 pounds each, children can easily grow into this. When folding, a single hand is all that is needed, freeing up the other hand to carry the child while the 2 reclining seats with its own individual canopies and footrests is both ergonomic and comfortable for the baby. Once the child has been worn out, the rear seat then reclines completely flat so the child can rest. Among other features, stadium styled seating allows the child sitting in the rear to be slightly raised and a child’s tray plus parents tray also comes handy for storing knick knacks and toys. The front swivel wheels are also lockable, adding a measure of safety and an additional storage basket is also standard.
Reviews were generally positive for this double stroller with reviewers giving additional credit to the ease of assembly and the fact that this stroller was perfect for two children. With the helpful basket and canopy that is adjustable, reviewers were also more than happy with the folding feature of this stroller that really works as advertised, with just one hand. Besides being lightweight which was easier on the moms, the sturdy and high quality materials plus fabrics used were also durable and waterproof. Reviewers were however slightly put off by the length of this stroller which even when folded, took up a lot of space in an SUV. While the rear seat also had two positions, at times when reviewers wanted something in between, that was just not so possible. Other reviews include reviewers not getting all the parts in the package which was a problem but otherwise, the feedback for this unit was generally good.
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Baby Trend Sit N Stand Double Stroller, Elixer

Baby Trend Sit N Stand Double Stroller, Elixer

This Baby Trend Sit N Stand Double Stroller, Elixer comes with the ability to accept 2 infant car seats on the child tray. In addition, a covered parent tray also comes with 2 cup holders for added convenience and ease. With a one hand fold, this too is definitely a huge convenience for the parent as they bring the child out and see themselves keeping this in the trunk and for those concerned about safety, a 5-point safety harness makes this one of the safest in its class. When going downhill, a foot activated rear brake helps keep things in control and prevents accidents or collisions from happening. Children can also be seated or be standing in the rear while its ability to take up to 52 pounds combined is perfect for those with 2 young children who can then grow into this.
Reviews were generally positive with the ease of steering and maneuvering this stroller given the thumbs up by reviewers. With astounding reviews also for the quality of the stroller, many reviewers were also pleased with the front seat canopy that could be extended to the front or back providing protection from the sun and rain to the children they have. The smoothness of the stroller with its movements were also an added plus while reviewers were also pleased with the parent tray as it could keep their belongings rather well.
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Joovy Scooter X2 Double Stroller

Joovy Scooter X2 Double Stroller, Black

This Joovy Scooter is a double sided stroller, measuring 30” wide but still promising to fit through any door and has the capacity to carry two 45 pound children at one time. Each seat can then be reclined and footrests adjusted independently besides being able to be folded with just one hand, plus a huge basket for convenience, a canopy to shield your loved children from the elements plus a removable bumper bar to prevent bumps. With sealed bearing wheels, pushing this stroller is a lot more easier and two cup holders plus two zippered pockets for all your knick knacks make this a very handy stroller. Besides promising to be lightweight and with two double front wheels for added stability and with a 5 point harness, safety is definitely not an issue. Folding in just four seconds and looking fashionably good, this reasonably priced stroller is definitely the way to stroll.
The manufacturer’s promise that the stroller will be able to fit all doorways did indeed herald true and many reviewers were pleased with this. Besides that, the storage facilities provided with this including the larger than life basket was an added welcome and the fact that each seat can then be reclined or held up independently was another feature that was reviewed to be great. Besides that, other reviews mentioned the beauty of this stroller and how wonderful it looked whether in the mall or in the park and with its compact size when folded, it could fit into vehicles with much ease. The big window and sunshade was also a huge welcome especially for those wanting to protect their loved ones from the harmful UV rays whilst still being able to see their children. All in all, reviews were great & stunning for this stroller.
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Buying the Best Double Stroller

Double strollers have definitely taken the world by storm and getting the best double stroller seems to be on everyone’s list. With the daily tasks that need to be done and with both parents working, taking the kids along when running errands has definitely become a norm and thus, requiring additional help in the form of strollers like this. From features like really durable wheels to having additional storage that’s ultra useful, one handed folding among others, getting the best double stroller requires careful consideration so you know for a fact that what you’re putting your kids in is safe, durable and worth the purchase that will last you a few years down the road.