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Best Diapers For Newborns Reviews

Given that diapers are a necessity in caring for infants, the best diapers for newborns are a must-have for all parents with newly born infants. The diaper that is deemed the best should comprise of functionality, comfort and parental convenience all at the same time. A good diaper should have a tight fit to prevent leakage and must be made with the right materials to provide comfort to the baby’s sensitive skin. Simultaneously, parents should not find the diaper to be a hassle as the diaper should be easy to fit onto the child and disposable altogether. Based on these characteristics, here are three different diaper products for your consideration.

What are the Best Diaper for Newborns to buy in 2017?

Huggies Little Snugglers Diapers

Huggies Little Snugglers Diapers for Newborn, Big Pack, 76 Count

The Huggies Little Snugglers Diaper is able to accommodate newborns up to infants of 10 pounds. The pocketed back waistband and soft as well as breathable outer cover assists in preventing any runny mess. Moreover, the diaper comes with a wetness indicator that changes in color to alert parents and guardians of the child’s wet diaper and is backed by a leak lock system which prevents from any diaper leakage. It also has better absorption properties than dry maximum pampers swaddlers and an umbilical cord cut-out is present, functioning as a protective measure for the healing process of the infant’s belly button. Shipped in a certified frustration-free package, the Huggies Little Snugglers Diaper measures 8.8 by 12.4 by 8.8 inches with a weight of one pound.
Nevertheless, there are notable drawbacks to the Huggies Little Snuggles Diapers. While the design of the diaper is purposed for the prevention of leakages, this seems to be untrue to parents of rapidly growing infants. For slightly larger infants and some average sized infants, leakages are common when using the diaper, rendering the quality of the diaper rather questionable. However, the diaper generally remarked as value for money and can be prevailed upon to do the job.
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Pampers Swaddlers

Pampers Swaddlers Newborn 240 Diapers (12 packs of 20)

The Pampers Swaddlers is the top choice of diapers used by hospitals, as it seeks to incorporate both comfort and security to your infant upon each wrap. Comfort wise, the diaper has Blankie Soft attributes and contains a quilted backsheet, soft, stretchy sides as well as extra padding to cater to inactive babies who spend more time lying on their backs. The diaper also comes with soft, overlapping fasteners to instill snugness and ensure that the child is comfortably fitted into the diaper. Similar to the previous diaper, the Pampers Swaddler has an umbilical cord notch which allows the formation of the infant’s belly button. Additionally, the diaper also possesses a fold-down front section to accustom to a newborn’s sensitive navel area.
Reviewers should take the setbacks of this product into consideration. Although all Pampers Swaddlers products are generally marked as regular, there is a variation in terms of quality between the diapers manufactured for hospital/medical use and those made for commercial purchase. Users should be aware of the difference in order to prevent their infants from developing a rash or any other medical complications if they are sensitive to regular dry max diapers. Nevertheless, this product remains largely favorable among most of its users upon cautionary use.
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Seventh Generation Free and Clear Baby Diapers, packaging may vary

Seventh Generation Free and Clear Baby Diapers, Newborn, 144 Count, Packaging May Vary

Crafted with the intention of providing an environmentally friendly yet effective product, the Seventh Generation Free and Clear Baby Diapers are both comfortable and free from potentially harmful chemicals. The diaper delivers premium absorbency while retaining a cloth-like consistency, all in the name of comfort and efficiency. In order to accommodate baby’s sensitive skin, the diaper is hypoallergenic; it is free from any whitening and chlorine processing, is left unscented and does not contain any petroleum based lotions and latex. Also, processed chlorine free wood pulp is used in the manufacture of this product, making it better for the environment. Measuring 6.3 by 4 by 11.9 inches and weighing at 1.4 pounds, this product is shipped in certified frustration-free packaging.
However, reviewers should be wary of the disadvantages that have surfaced upon using the current version of this product. With the emergence of the reformulated diapers, loyal users of Seventh Generation diapers have found the manufacturer’s claims of premium absorbency and hypoallergenic properties to be nullified. Diaper leaks and allergic reactions from absorption crystals appear to be more common via the reformulated diaper. Also, the hike in the price of the revamped diapers have resulted in dissatisfaction for some customers. Nevertheless, Seventh Generation has been actively responding to complaints in order to address this issue.
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Buying the Best Diapers for Newborns

Inevitably, all three products featured above are notably similar in terms of features. The diapers are all made of soft material to provide comfort to the infant and contain a wetness indicator to evaluate when a diaper change is necessary. Also, each product takes into consideration of the safety of the child in their diaper, either through the incorporation of the umbilical cord cut out, diaper fasteners as well as hypoallergenic material. Distinct issues present regarding the diapers would be leakage problems due to inadequate sizing, as depicted by the Huggies Little Snugglers and skin irritation as a result of the quality of the diaper, such as that shown by the Diapers Swaddlers and the Seventh Generation Free and Clear Baby Diapers. Otherwise, all three products are fairly decent and can be relied upon as the best diapers for newborns.