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Best Diaper Cover Reviews

The best diaper cover provides a thin, water-proof layer between the cloth diaper and the baby’s clothes, bedding and other surfaces. Cloth diaper covers are available in three types: wraps, pull-ons and side-snaps. Here are three reviews on diaper covers:


What is the Best Diaper Cover to buy in 2017?

Thirsties Duo Wrap Snap

Thirsties Duo Wrap Snap, Blackbird, Size One (6-18 lbs)

These side-snapping covers do not fit as secure or snug as wrap-style cloth diapers. The snaps are on the left and right sides of the diaper cover and snap to hold the cover in place. To counteract this, the cover comes in two sizes: Size One (6-18lbs) and Size Two (18-40lbs), which collectively should fit your child from birth to potty. Moreover, the diaper cover features an adjustable rise for extended use as your baby grows. This diaper cover comes in an attractive array of colors and patterns. It comes with leg gussets which provide superior protection against leaks. The material is pliable and breathable for your baby’s skin. Paired with basic prefold cloth diapers or fitted diapers, these covers will help you save over disposable covers in the long run.

Response to this product was very positive. Among the plus points cited were that the snaps fit well and last longer than Velcro, that the diaper covers are easy to wash and clean off quickly, that the leg gussets keep diaper contents in and that they last long even after many washes. In a few isolated cases, the diaper did not appear to fit several babies well, especially smaller ones.

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Best Bottom One-Size Diaper Shell

Best Bottom One-Size Diaper Shell – Snap (Hedgehog)

Similar to the Thirsties Diaper Cover, this one operates as a snap cover. Because the diaper cover is wipeable, it can be used over and over again before washing. Moreover, the shell can be reused, thereby saving cost. This diaper cover fits babies from birth up to 35+pounds, so it should last a long time. The leg gussets keep messes in and the cover features an adjustable rise with four settings and an overlapping closure in both snap and hook contraptions.

These diapers fit babies of various ages and sizes well, and are made to adapt to fit babies of any size. Reviewers are pleased that there have been no leaking problems and that the fastening of the cover cannot be undone by the child. At the same time, there are complaints that the cover is not well made and leaks just like a disposable, so while it has picked up on the good points of a disposable, it has also incorporated the cons in the way it works.

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Real Nappies 6-Pack of Snug Wrap Diaper Covers

Real Nappies 6-Pack of Snug Wrap Diaper Covers, White, Newborn Size, for babies up to 12 weeks, 6-13 lb

Unlike the other two snap diaper covers, this wrap-style diaper cover works very much like disposable diapers. Just wrap the cover around the baby to either Velcro or snap to the front portion of the diaper cover. This style is popular because it fits snugly without diaper pins or fasteners. As it is important to get sizing right, this diaper cover comes in four different sizes: 6-13lbs, 29-40lbs, 11-20lbs and 18-31lbs. These covers are waterproof and suitable for either day or night-time use. Although they are designed for use with Real Napppies Cloth Diapers, they can also be used with other cloth diapers or worn over disposables. These diaper covers fit comfortably around baby’s tummy and legs.

These diaper covers don’t leak much and although they do stain, they dry the quickest after washing. They are easy to use with prefold diapers, with or without fasteners. They provide a comfortable day or night-time fit and they keep your baby dry and comfortable. However, a real concern seems to be that they lack leg gussets, resulting in unwanted messes.

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Buying the Best Diaper Cover

Having compared these three diaper covers, the Thirsties Duo Wrap Snap is the ideal choice if you’re looking for a cover that is long-lasting, effective and reliably leak-proof. As it is such an essential thing to purchase if you have a baby, the best diaper cover will complement your baby’s diapering needs.