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Best Combi Stroller Reviews

Any parents interested in getting a stroller for their child would want to get a Combi stroller for their child. Combi specializes in producing strollers and ensures your child has the most comfortable experience in their stroller. Here are sample reviews for three Combi strollers.

What is the Best Combi Stroller to buy in 2017?

Combi Cabria DX Lightweight Stroller

Combi Cabria DX Lightweight Stroller, Flat Iron

The Combi Cabria DX Lightweight Stroller is a deluxe lightweight stroller with a quick 3-Second Fold system which enables users to fold easily. This variant is compact and self-standing as well. This stroller includes enhanced features which comprise of a 25% larger basket, an oversized and expandable canopy, bigger set of wheels, comfortable pillow, stroller pack and shoulder pads. In conjunction, the standard features would include a wide and a breathable air-mesh fabric seat, infant safety boot, footrest and a 5-point harness made for your child’s safety and comfort. The canopy which can be expanded also includes a storage pocket and viewing windows. For more convenience, a carrying strap, storage basket, washable seat cushion and a padded guardrail which can be removed along with the child cup/ snack holder is provided. This stroller can hold babies with up to 55 pounds.
Most of the reviewers are happy that this stroller is lightweight. Reviewers are also content that this stroller offers a lot of good features. Additionally, reviewers are pleased that the canopy can provide shade to their babies effectively. Most of the reviewers are unhappy that this stroller felt flimsy and could break easily. Reviewers are also upset that the straps are difficult to adjust. This stroller also received mixed reviews as some of the users faced a hard time in folding this stroller while some found it relatively easy. Reviewers are frustrated that the handle is uncomfortable and is not smooth.
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Combi Cabria Stroller

Combi Cabria Stroller, Teal

The Combi Cabria Stroller allows users to be able to fold this stroller into a compact, self-standing, portable stroller in just three simple steps. This feature will allow users to conveniently fold this stroller easily and will save them a large amount of time. Additionally, this stroller is compatible with the Combi Shuttle infant car seat which can be used as a travel system. This padded deluxe seat has a multi-position recline with a full lay-flat position and an infant safety boot. Furthermore, the 5-point harness which is convertible grows with your child while the shoulder pads and head pillow provides additional comfort. The padded guardrail which is removable features a cup holder and a snack tray as well. Moreover, the oversized canopy has two ventilation windows which will protect your child from sun, rain and wind. The canopy also provides a useful storage pocket for faster access. The front swivel wheels are lockable and have a large rear wheels for a smoother ride and better maneuverability. Users will be able to store essential items conveniently through a parent cup holder, extra-large basket and a stroller organizer. Besides that, the carry strap will help you keep your hands free while transporting the stroller on the go.
Reviewers are particularly happy that this stroller provides sufficient comfort to their babies. Additionally, reviewers are content that it is easy to carry as it is light. However, reviewers are unhappy that the wheels are not durable. Furthermore, reviewers found it difficult to reach the basket as well. Reviewers are also unhappy as users found it difficult to fold this stroller.
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Combi Cabria Stroller – Manhattan

Combi Cabria Stroller, Manhattan

The Combi Cabria Stroller – Manhattan is a deluxe, lightweight stroller which has an installed quick 3-Second Fold to allow users to fold the stroller easily. Moreover, this stroller is compact and self-standing for extra convenience. Furthermore, this stroller has enhanced features which include a 25% larger basket, an expandable oversized canopy, larger wheels, shoulder pads and a comfortable pillow with an included stroller pack. This variant also has standard features such as a wide seat which can be reclined along with its breathable air-mesh fabric, infant safety boot, footrest and a 5-point harness to ensure your child’s safety and comfort. The oversized canopy which can be adjusted also has a storage pocket and viewing windows. The carrying strap, storage basket, padded guardrail with child cup or snack holder and the washable cushion seat adds convenience for users too.
The reviewer is happy that this stroller can be fully reclined and the baby could sleep comfortably. The reviewer is also content that the size of the canopy is great and could shade their babies from the sunlight. Additionally, the reviewer is also satisfied that this stroller is lightweight and could be carried around easily with a strap. However, despite these positive reviews, reviewers are not satisfied as this stroller could not be folded with one hand. Reviewers are also upset with the fact that the basket is not accessible as well as inconvenient. Additionally, reviewers are not pleased to find that stroller is made up of components which are not durable and could break easily.
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Buying the Best Combi Stroller

In conclusion, Combi Cabria Stroller – Manhattan is the best stroller among the other 2 Combi strollers. This stroller is better because it offers better features such as the fully adjustable seats which can recline. In addition, the canopy shades their child effectively and is light weight. Thus, the Combi Cabria stroller is a better Combi stroller compared to these two strollers.