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Best Co-Sleeper Reviews

Anyone interested in practicing co-sleeping would be interested in purchasing a co-sleeper. Co sleeping allows parents to bond more with child and also reduce stress level as it saves parents from walking to their infants during the night as well as facilitate breast feeding. Mothers are reported to have more sleep after purchasing their very own co-sleeper. Co-sleeping also promotes emotional growth in infants and parents. Co-sleeper protects infants from rolling off to their parent’s bed but also from their own bed as well. Here are sample reviews for 3 co- sleepers.

What is the Best Co-Sleeper to buy in 2017?

First Years Close and Secure Sleeper

The First Years Close and Secure Sleeper

The First Years Close and Secure Sleeper is a co-sleeper designed to enable parents to feed, soothe, monitor and bond with their babies in their own bed. This sleeper comes equipped with large flaps that tucks in any mattress perfectly. It is also designed with hollow frames and breathable mesh in order to increase air circulation and aids babies to have a regulated temperature. This co-sleeper comes equipped with a durable, cloth-covered walls to help limit the baby’s movements, preventing them from falling and also their parents rolling over them. Inside the co-sleeper, the soft head barrier decreases the risk of entrapment and also, the foot wedge ensures the baby remains in the sleep area. the bottom has a soft cover in helping babies have a comfortable sleeping spot and also has a washable mattress sheet. Other benefits for this co-sleeper includes it’s portability as it is foldable, light-weight and has a handle for travel and storage. It also comes equipped with a nightlight to aid parents in checking their babies with ease.
Many reviewers are happy that ever since they got the First Years Close and Secure Sleeper, they had better sleep and they are able to monitor their babies more conveniently. A handful of reviewers are also happy at how easily this co-sleeper could be washed and dried, saving them an immense amount of time. Other reviewers are also content that this co-sleeper is light and could be folded easily causing users to bring this co-sleeper along with their travels. However, despite all these, reviewers are upset that the wedge at the bottom of the co-sleeper is not adjustable making the co-sleeper short as the baby grows taller. Reviewers would need to cut it off manually in order to extend the length. Another major problem a handful of reviewers found was that this co-sleeper has an incline which will cause babies to slide down making it dangerous for some babies. Additionally, some reviewers complained that the side barriers were too cheap to protect the babies from falling.
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Summer Infant By Your Side Sleeper Portable Bedding

Summer Infant By Your Side Sleeper Portable Bedding

The Summer Infant By Your Side Sleeper Portable Bedding is a co-sleeper which helps babies in having a more comfortable sleep and also helps the babies to be safe. The mesh sides help in regulating the baby’s temperature, preventing them from overheating by circulating the air around them. It also has a sturdy metal frame in order to prevent infants from falling over as well as prevent parents from rolling over them. With this co-sleeper it also allows parents to easily see their sleeping baby, giving parents a rest assured sleep. The included cover can be removed or attached according to the parent’s liking and is machine washable. This co-sleeper will provide a comfortable environment for sleeping alongside with your baby.
Most of the reviewers are happy that this co-sleeper allows parents to sleep closer to their infants. Most importantly, the reviewers are most happy with the protection it provided as it protected their babies from falling over and prevents their parents from rolling over their babies as well. Reviewers have also praised the co-sleeper because it is foldable and allows them to check on their babies with ease. However, despite these positive reviews, a handful of reviewers are finding it difficult to assemble the screws on the bottom of the sleeper. Some reviewers have also complained that the bottom part of the sleeper could come of easily as well.
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Arms Reach Co-Sleeper brand Mini Co-Sleeper Bassinet – Toffee

Mini Co-Sleeper

The Arms Reach Co-Sleeper brand Mini Co-Sleeper Bassinet – Toffee is a uniquely designed co-sleeper which allows parents to sleep comfortably near their infants in peace. This co-sleeper allows parents to easily reach out to their infants and breastfeed them. This bassinet allows
infants to sleep safely close to their parents and also allows mothers up
breastfeed their child without getting up. The co-sleeper is able to fit in all
adult sized beds up to 24 inches in height. This co-sleeper also comes with
optional Leg Extenders which will raise it’s height to fit taller beds. This
co-sleeper also has a well ventilated floor which keeps the baby cool and
comfortable. The co-sleeper also has wheels to enable parents to move this
co-sleeper with ease.
Most reviewers are pleased to find that the co-sleeper could be assembled and detached easily. Reviewers have also praised it’s portability being able to move it around easily with wheels.Reviewers have also praised the co-sleeper as it is able to fit in the bed perfectly.However, reviewers are unhappy to find the mattress not waterproof and is difficult to wash.
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Buying the Best Co-Sleeper

In conclusion, the Summer Infant By Your Side Sleeper Portable Bedding is a clear victor
between these 3 co-sleeper. Clearly this co-sleeper is a much better choice
since it provided maximum protection and most of the infants have slept
comfortably. Parents who bought this co-sleeper had reported to have better
sleep. The only downside for this variant is the difficulty in assembling the
bottom part of the co-sleeper. In conclusion, the Summer Infant By Your Side Sleeper Portable
Bedding is a better choice.