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Best Butterfly Mobile Reviews

The best butterfly mobile for your infant daughter will keep her entertained and happy in her crib. Lovely butterfly designs hovering above her crib will be a comforting and soothing sight before she sleeps at night and when she gets up in the morning. A butterfly mobile is also a pretty addition to any girl’s nursery. Let’s examine these three mobiles:


What is the Best Butterfly Mobile to buy in 2017?

Hanging Butterfly Mobile Decoration

Hanging Butterfly Mobile decoration for Baby Nursery ceiling wall room décor (Free Shipping U.S)

Unlike most mobiles, this one hangs from the ceiling, not the crib so it’s higher than regulars mobiles and your baby won’t be able to yank it off. It’s the perfect size to adorn your child’s crib and changing table. The mobile measures 14×37 inches while each butterfly measures 9×6 inches. The mobile is made with a soft wire frame suited for a nursery or kid’s bedroom. For ease of assembly and installation, it comes pre-strung with fishing line and clear hook for quick and convenient hanging.

Both parents and their children loved this item. Parents stated that it really added to the aesthetic refinement of the nursery, while children enjoyed looking at them and playing with them before sleeping or during diaper changes. One parent wished that there was more variety in the design and that the mobile had more hanging options, but otherwise noted that it was a fantastic mobile to have.

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Lambs and Ivy Luv Bugs Ceiling Sculpture

Lambs and Ivy Luv Bugs Ceiling Sculpture, Plum

This beautiful set of 3-D butterflies and dragonflies features adorable dimensional winged butterflies which would match perfectly with bedding sets. Moreover, this charming collection features a rich color palette of plums, lavenders, rose, pink and crisp white, so it should match the interior of any girl’s nursery. All in all, this is a delightful piece for your nursery collection.

This mobile is not only beautiful, it is also very functional. With a ceiling fan, the butterflies sway gently, mimicking the actions of real ones. The fishing lines ensured that the butterflies did not fall off. The mobile comes with all the tools needed to hang it: a drywall anchor, eyelet screw and hook. Babies enjoyed looking up at them and playing with them.

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Geenny Musical Mobile

GEENNY Musical Mobile For Boutique Pink Brown Butterfly CRIB BEDDING SET

This pink butterfly-themed musical mobile matches the rest of the Geenny Boutique Pink-Brown Butterfly bedding set. It features a sew-on pattern, instead of the print ones that most mobiles have. Unlike the other two mobiles, this one is machine-washable, so it should be easy and convenient to clean.

This simple, no-fuss musical mobile was easy to put together and install in a crib. It works well and looks very nice and pretty. Parents and kids alike are pleased with the music it emitted and the overall look of the mobile. However, one unsatisfied parent did not like the poor finish of the product, saying that it did not look good.

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Buying the Best Butterfly Mobile

The Lambs and Ivy Luv Bugs Ceiling Sculpture is more than a butterfly mobile, it is a nursery ceiling sculpture indeed. The best butterfly mobile is something that will entertain and keep your daughter occupied for hours while she is in her crib, while adding to the appearance of her nursery.