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Best Baby Wrap Carrier Reviews

The best baby wrap carrier is one that is comfortable and mobile but still possesses the weight capacity of a typical baby carrier. Out of the various forms of baby carriers present in the market, the baby wrap carrier is one of the simplest to use. Designed to be worn on the abdomen, a baby wrap carrier is a hybrid between functionality and versatility as it provides mobility to the parent all while providing comfort and a safe haven for the baby. Here are the reviews to three notable baby wrap carriers.

What is the Best Baby Wrap Carrier to buy in 2017?

Moby Wrap Original 100% Cotton Solid Baby Carrier

Moby Wrap Original 100% Cotton Baby Carrier, Black

Made entirely with cotton, the Moby Wrap Original 100% Cotton Solid Baby Carrier utilizes the entire back and shoulders to support the baby’s weight. Free from buckles and straps, the Moby Wrap is easy to wear and comfortable The wide fabric wraps over both shoulders, helping to provide warmth to the baby while simultaneously keeping the parent’s arms free. The single stretch cotton wrap is adjustable to ensure a secure fit for the baby and is long and wide enough to accommodate a growing child. Psychologically, the tight nature of this wrap helps instill attachment of the baby to the parent. The Moby Wrap measures 217 by 24 by 0.8 inches and is able to withhold a newborn to a recommended weight of 35 pounds, although it can hold up to a maximum of 45 pounds. It is machine-washable and comes with easy-to-follow instructions in the package.
Nevertheless, reviewers should note some drawbacks with the Moby Wrap. Although the length of the wrap carrier was made to adapt to a growing baby, it is difficult for users to put on the wrap without having the fabric touch the ground. Furthermore, the length and width of the wrap carrier makes it difficult to store and carry around as it is too bulky. Some users have also stated that the Moby Wrap takes time to put on, but it no longer poses a challenge with constant practice.
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Boba Wrap Classic Baby Carrier

Boba Wrap Classic Baby Carrier – Gray

The Boba Wrap Classic Baby Carrier is purposed to accustom beginner and advanced babywearers alike with its no-guesswork tying characteristic. With a simple buckle-free and strap-free design, the wrap carrier evenly distributes and supports the baby’s weight. The tight, durable and smooth fabric prevents the presence of pressure points on the baby’s hips and pelvis while the adjustability of the Boba Wrap accommodates the custom fit attribute of the wrap, to fit babywearers and infants of all sizes accordingly. Moreover, the Boba Wrap keeps babywearers’ hands available and is ideal for breastfeeding as there is no need to remove the carrier when doing so. Made with high quality French Terry material composed of 95% cotton and 5% spandex, it is able to support a baby’s weight of up to 35 pounds and is machine-washable.
However, there are some disadvantages reviewers should take into consideration regarding the Boba Wrap. Some users have found the carrier to be a nuisance in the hot climate as the fabric lacks breathability and may be too tight for comfort outdoors. Also, the stretchy fabric demands a constant need to readjust the carrier as it may turn out loose. Nevertheless, the Boba Wrap is still a useful carrier in other climates.
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Infantino Sync Comfort Wrap Carrier Black/Red

Infantino Sync Comfort Wrap Carrier Black/Red

The Infantino Sync Comfort Wrap Carrier synchronises the best of baby wrap carriers into a simple design, primarily for easier wrapping around the babywearer. The non-stretch woven panels assist in keeping the baby close to the wearer and snug. The soft knit straps are crafted to provide a supportive overlay whilst retaining comfort when wrapped around the wearer. Other than that, the adjustable lumbar belt provides great support to the wearer’s back and the incorporates 4 carrying positions in alignment with the baby’s growth. The wrap carrier measures 9.1 by 8.7 by 3.5 inches, can withhold a child’s weight from 8 to 36 pounds and is conveniently created for all body types.
Reviewers should note a few setbacks to the Infantino carrier. Although the product description claims it is a one-size-fits-all, the carrier does not fit smaller-framed individuals adequately, thus compromising the safety of the child. The long wrap also proves to be a hassle as the cloth tends to come into contact with the ground when users put it on. Next to that, there is a need for the presence of more than one person in order to place the child onto the carrier, specifically in back positions.
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Buying the Best Baby Wrap Carrier

In summary, all three models featured above have similar features. Each of the models above emphasize on the importance of close contact between mother and child as well as versatility. Overall, most reviewers were satisfied with the simplicity and functionality of each model. However, a distinct problem with such carrier types has to do with size. Many users complained of the bulkiness and the length of the baby wrap carrier, deeming it unsuitable for outdoor use as it is not easy to put on and is not readily portable. Aside from that, all three models generally fit the bill as the best baby wrap carriers available as they are useful and effortless in utilization.