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Best Baby Seats Reviews

Everyone wants the best for their loved ones and this includes getting the best baby seats. Vital in ensuring proper development of the child’s muscles as he learns to sit for the first time which is not as easy as one thinks, being entertained also comes as an option these days as baby seats to train the baby to sit up right also comes with a myriad of toys and gizmos that can keep a child in his sit for long periods of time without tossing or struggling which often nullifies the effects of proper sitting. Once the child is then used to how sitting upright should be, he can then progress to other developments like crawling, standing and walking which all comes with good muscle use. Below are reviews of some of the best baby seats that take into consideration various features from being fun to functional.

What are the Best Baby Seats to buy in 2017?

Summer Infant 3-Stage Superseat Highchair

Summer Infant 3-Stage Superseat Highchair, Green

This Summer Infant 3-Stage Superseat Highchair is great because it is such a versatile option with the ability to be a soft foam support seat, an activity seat or a booster seat with included chair straps. The soft foam insert will help the growing baby be comfortable while sitting upright and as an activity seat, it comes with a 360 degree tray of activities to keep the child engaged and have brain development happen naturally. With 4 playful toys and 2 cup holders, this will also be useful during meal times and as a booster seat, a 3 point safety harness with a wide base works wonderfully well as well. Suitable for children from 4 months old to 4 years old, this is definitely a keeper and the minimal assembly is an added plus for those not very good with their hands.
Reviewers were generally pleased with this Summer Infant 3-Stage Superseat Highchair and how it is a huge distraction for the children because of its interactive features. The trays and toys that come with the seat is also an added bonus for most parents as they do not have to spend additional money on these things. Additional toys are also available to be added onto the activity seat but some users did comment that the toys were made of cheap plastic and the paint came off quite easily, proving a potential hazard. Those worried about their children leaning over will have their fears qualmed with this seat and the formed foam insert was useful when the baby is smaller and needs additional support. In general, reviewers were pleased.
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Prince Lionheart bebePOD Flex Baby Seat

Prince Lionheart bebePOD Flex Baby Seat, Mint

In 5 magnificent colours, this Prince Lionheart bebePOD Flex Baby Seat looks great but also packs a punch in its features. As a baby’s first seat, it provides optimal support while helping the baby learn to sit and works for various circumstances including play time, feeding and travelling as well. A removable pommel that comes with the unit allows tray upgrades as an added attachment and most importantly, this lightweight and durable unit is easy to be moved around and is also easy to clean. With a high back and wide leg openings plus an anti skid base, you will be assured that your child is ergonomically comfortable and safe. For those looking at training their newborn child to have correct posture and develop their spine properly, this is a definite recommendation while the option to have additional accessories like trays and toys is a huge boon for those looking at not just using this seat as it is.
Reviewers were very happy with this unit and the versatility of using it at the dining table or as it is makes it great for various activities. The straps too put concerned parents at rest while its roominess was a huge advantage if compared to other seats in its class which was found to be cramped. The fact that this seat was also considerably larger meant that it could be used as the child grows and was not limited in that sense which reviewers found pleasing. The easily removable pommel that fits the additional attachments was a huge welcome but did become a problem for some reviewers who found the pommel coming off easily
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Fisher-Price Rainforest Healthy Care Booster Seat

Fisher-Price Booster Seat, Rainforest

Fisher-Price is no stranger to the world of baby equipment and this Rainforest Healthy Care Booster Seat is another great product in its lineup. It’s a great option for those looking to entertain their child while they’re busy preparing meals as it come with a themed rainforest toy set including 3 spinning bugs, a colourful parrot and a swinging monkey that is sure to entertain. In addition, there’s also a frog and gecko slider beads at the base of each item. Besides the great lineup of toys on this unit to keep your child entertained, the removable dishwasher tray is also great for those spills and mess that your child is bound to make while the straps ensure it is safe to be strapped onto an existing chair. The greatest feature would be how it comes with a strap that can then be slung over one’s shoulders for when the seat needs to be brought about.
Reviewers and their babies were equally pleased with this, the most entertaining feature would be the myriad of toys that many parents found effective for distracting their children while the easy to clean feature as it pops easily into the dishwasher is also great. Reviewers did also recommend getting the basic version that came with the tray as it was especially useful as a booster seat plus a feature that kept the tray in place meant no kicking babies could get food flying all over the place. The well made design of this unit was a huge plus for many and the fact that it was easily portable and easy to clean plus can be used from when your child is a baby to a toddler is a huge plus. The only negatives noted by reviewers were that the paper stickers came off pretty easily while the straps could get dirty easily but not to fret as they were easily removable and thus could be cleaned rather easily.
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Buying the Best Baby Seats

All in all, when you need the best baby seats, you need to look into one of these. From the most basic to the ones that are versatile and can be converted into various options to one with toys, getting the right baby seat is necessary for today’s child and their different preferences. Does your child get distracted easily and will need toys to occupy him or will he sit still and prefers to be more comfortable and not restricted by trays, all these factors need to be considered and ultimately, the baby’s preference is also a huge deciding factor. However, the 3 best baby seats featured above are clearly in the running to be some of the most useful and versatile baby seats with the options of upgrades, easy cleaning and easy to bring around, it will definitely make your day and your baby’s day.