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Best Baby Jumpers Reviews

A baby jumper provides the platform for young babies to exercise their muscles while developing their motor skills from the practice. For babies who already know how to sit down but yet to learn crawling and walking, the best baby jumpers will allow them to go through the intermediate phase with additional fun and joy.

What are the Best Baby Jumpers to buy in 2017?

Evenflo Evenflo ExerSaucer Jump and Learn Jumper

Evenflo ExerSaucer Jump and Learn Jumper, Jungle Quest

Made of 100% polyester, Evenflo Evenflo ExerSaucer Jump and Learn Jumper presents the joy of jumping with secured learning and enhanced playing experience. There are 58 fun learning activities that help babies in achieving important developmental milestone. The bounce base ensures a soft landing pad while maintaining stability in early development of toddlers. With physical exercise that focused on developing baby’s neck, back and leg muscles, gross motor skills can be improved as well via the rock, spin and jump actions. Core strength and coordination training are ensured by the unique balance base. It comes with take-with-me toys that provides customizable learning and playing experience. Available in three-position height adjustment, this product also comes with easy, convenient cleaning feature with its removable, machine washable seat pad. While it is easily assembled, the product large size may not work favorably for all, especially those who are short of space.


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Fisher-Price Rainforest Jumperoo

Fisher-Price Rainforest Jumperoo

For Fisher-Price Rainforest Jumperoo, its rotating seat provides a safe playing place for babies as they learn to move, spin and jump in the jumper. Large motor skills will be enhanced via such exercises as the product is specially designed for babies who are able to hold their head unassisted and yet still unable to climb out or walk. The jumper’s colorful Rainforest toys and fun music are expected to stimulate child’s visual and auditory senses as well. The two leaves extended from the frame create an overhead canopy with soft toys that dangle down for enjoyable bat-at play. The rotating seat comes with soft spring cover that protect little fingers of babies from pinching and three position height adjustments are made possible for customizable fit. The variety of textures integrated into the rainforest toys is set to provide the necessary tactile stimulation for brain development. Actions such as reaching and grasping onto the toys will help foster eye-hand coordination of children and enhance the discovery process as they learn about cause and effect when interacting with the toys. Motion sensor is included in this jumper and children will be rewarded with lights and sounds as they jump. Additionally, the quick take-down feature and its portability is a plus for parents who are looking for hassle free jumper that can be carried from room to room.
There is no doorway required for the jumper, making it suitable to be set up anywhere. It ships in certified frustration-free packaging to offer safe and ample of jumping fun for children. However, it must be noted that despite the adjustment, younger baby may not fit well on the jumper as they toys are still unreachable to them.
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Graco Bumper Jumper

Graco Bumper Jumper in Little Jungle

Graco Bumper Jumper consists of a high back comfy nylon seat that is removable and machine washable for simple cleanup. It is covered by soft bumper; hence the spring-loaded clamp will not leave mark on door moldings or damage the woodwork. The jumper comes with two soft removable interactive toys that are attached to an adjustable play tray. The plastic dome keeps the straps apart for easy in and out placement of the child. With this jumper, a doorway can be turned into a portable playtime as the swing can be easily attached to a doorframe, allowing the baby to jump safely and endlessly.
The sturdy spring with hidden safety cord will let baby enjoy their steady safe bounce time to the fullest. Unfortunately, this product does not fit all doors, as the maximum door thickness that can be used is 16.5cm.
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Buying the Best Baby Jumpers

All the reviewed products above share the similarity of providing the jumping environment to the toddlers while taking care of their safety by taking the necessary prevention functionalities. Parents are advised to pay careful consideration into these too when deciding the best baby jumpers for their child.