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Best Baby Formula Reviews

The best baby formula is necessary to safeguard your child’s growth and development from early on in life. Some babies have sensitive stomachs and are prone to acid reflux, gas, or constipation, so do take care to choose a formula that works for your child’s needs. Here are three options to consider:

What is the Best Baby Formula to buy in 2017?

Earth’s Best Organic

Earth’s Best Organic Infant Formula with Iron, 23.2 Ounce Canister

Earth’s Best Organic is formulated to provide your child with all the essential nutrients using only the safest sources. It contains organic lactose and organic glucose, yields 1 to 3-grams of protein per serving, is available in dairy and soy, and has a whey/casein ratio that mimics that of breast milk. Fortified with almost twice the DHA in average organic brands and ARA, this formula ensures healthy brain and eye development. Enriched with iron, zinc, and B-vitamins, this product is nutritionally complete and complies with FDA infant nutrition requirements. It is also free from Genetically Engineered Ingredients (GEIs), artificial colors, flavors, preservatives, added salt, modified starches, refined sugars, growth hormones, steroids, antibiotics, harmful pesticides and chemical fertilizers. This is verified via rigorous product testing and confirmed by its Kosher and USDA organic certifications.
Some reviewers are willing to pay through the nose for this certified organic product, whereas some find it too pricey. Parents report that this product is great for fussy or colicky babies. However, children under 8 weeks or so may have an aversion to it. Users also say that it smells better than other brands. Some reviewers find the formula lumpy and foamy, but others say this can be remedied by more shaking. A more concerning complaint is that the product causes extreme constipation, but it seems only a minority of children faced this.
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Enfamil Premium Infant Formula Powder

Enfamil PREMIUM Infant Formulaz Refill Box, for Babies 0-12 Months, 33.2-Ounce

Enfamil Premium Infant Formula Powder boasts a blend that is formulated to be similar to mature breast milk, in addition to being included in Enfamil Staged Nutrition, inspired by the changing nutrition of breast milk. Also, the formula is enriched with Choline and DHA, which are essential for the nourishment of your child’s brain. Besides, it incorporates a Natural Defense Dual blend which improves and facilitates your baby’s’ natural defenses.
Most parents report that their children love this formula, and experience reduced gas. The packaging of the product suits parents who are only using it as a supplement to breast milk, but is slightly messy and inconvenient to those who are fully using formula. Some say that it is a little harder to dissolve, but it shouldn’t pose too big a problem.
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Similac Go & Grow Milk Based Formula, Powder, 22-Ounces (Pack of 6)


Similac Go & Grow Milk Based Formula, Powder, 22-Ounces (Pack of 6)

Similac Go & Grow Milk Based Formula is enriched with over 25 vitamins and minerals which babies need for healthy development. Each serving yields at least 30% of the daily value for calcium, iron, and vitamin C; while the DHA and ARA contained facilitates the development of the baby’s brain and eyes. The grip-flip-scoop design makes feeding oh-so-convenient with a comfort grip for easy holding, built-in scoop holder, and hinged lid.
Users say this is great as a supplement to breast milk or for babies who are transitioning from breast milk; and is favored by babies. However, some reviews note that the packaging is not sturdy enough to withstand the delivery process, resulting in broken boxes and seals upon arrival of the product.
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Buying the Best Baby Formula

Earth’s Best Organic is apparently the best option as many parents find security in its organic certification. Between the other two options, Enfamil Premium Infant Formula Powder seems to be the better option, simply due to the condition of the packaging. May this article help you find the best baby formula.