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Best Baby Carrier for Newborn Reviews

The best baby carrier for newborn is essential yet elusive. Many new parents are in a transitional phase of their lives and thus will be busy adapting to numerous changes. A carrier eases this transition as parents can keep their child close while still being able to tend to tasks. It is vital to source a good one that will safeguard your child’s health and development as this is when he or she is most vulnerable. To aid your search, here are three models for your consideration:

What is the Best Baby Carrier for Newborn to buy in 2017?

Beco Baby Carrier Gemini

Beco Gemini 4-in-1 Baby Carrier – Black

The Beco Baby Carrier Gemini offers four positions: inwards-facing front carry, outwards-facing front carry, back carry, and hip carry. The unit has an adjustable chest strap and wide, padded, adjustable shoulder straps and waist belt for an even, comfortable weight distribution. Its tall and wide body (11-inches wide and 14.5 or 19-inches long, depending on whether the headrest is folded or not), and the width alternating base makes the carrier suitable for babies of many all sizes within a 7 to 35-pound range. The waist belt also has a range of 28 to 57-inches, to fit parents of all sizes. The materials used are made from high quality, 100% cotton, which is comfortable and non-irritable on the baby’s skin. The unit allows for discreet nursing, and keeps child and parent close. This model is machine-washable and comes with an instruction manual. Do note that while it is designed in California, the unit is responsibly manufactured in China.
Many reviewers like this model, saying the highly adjustable fit for both child and parent is extremely convenient, the versatile carry positions make it ideal for parents with multiple children with differing preferences; and the straps are secure, well-padded, and fit nicely. The padding provides a secure fit for small infants, but may cause discomfort in warm climates.
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Baby K’tan Organic Baby Carrier

Baby K’tan Organic Baby Carrier, Natural, Small

The Baby K’tan Organic Baby Carrier is a hybrid between a sling, wrap, and structured carrier. The unit features a one-of-a-kind, adjustable double-loop design that rests on both shoulders, which ensures security for your baby, privacy during nursing, and easy fastening and removal. This model is suitable for a range of weights, from 8 to 35-pounds, or from preemie to preschool, with over 6 comfortable positions for your little one. It also has an adjustable back support band, minus the hassle of wraps and hardware. Made from 100% natural cotton, the carrier is very breathable and safe for infants with sensitive skin. In addition, it is also machine-washable and dryer-safe, ideal for the busy parent. A user manual is included, for parental guidance. A free carry bag is also included for easy storage and portability.

Many reviewers quip that the unit is very easy to put on and provides a great fit for the wearer. The jury’s out on the accuracy of the existing seating chart, but users say that the customer service provides excellent assistance in the matter. Users note that the carrier puts some strain on the back and shoulders when carrying heavier children (above 14-pounds). Reviewers also point out that the unit does stretch a little after some time, but giving it the washer and dryer treatment will shrink it back to its original size.
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ERGObaby Organic Bundle of Joy Carrier and Infant Insert


ERGO Baby Carrier Bundle of Joy – Original Black / Camel with Camel Insert

The ERGObaby Organic Bundle of Joy Carrier and Infant Insert is a carrier that will serve you for a long time, from your child’s birth up till when he or she reaches the 45-pound mark. The included Infant Insert guarantees that the carrier will provide a snug fit during the first years of your child’s life. With its sturdy design, this model is sure to last you through thick and thin. It also comes with pockets and a sun shade, which provides much convenience when you’re on-the-go. Made of 100% cotton, you can rest assured that your child is swathed in soft, safe comfort.

Users commend this model for its comfort, and security. Reviewers say that the carrier evenly distributes the weight of the child, putting little strain on the wearer. The adjustable waist strap also fits bigger wearers like a dream. Feedback shows that most babies are very content in the carrier and parents find it very useful for both indoor and outdoor activities. Reviewers note that fastening the carrier may take a while to get a hang of, and the unit is slightly bulky, but these pale in comparison to the aforementioned pros.
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Buying the Best Baby Carrier for Newborn

The perfect baby carrier for newborn depends on the preferences of both you and your child. All three models are specially designed for newborns, but if you are looking to experiment with many different carrying positions and live in a cool climate, then the Beco Baby Carrier Gemini is the carrier for you! The Baby K’tan Organic Baby Carrier will suit the parent who has a lighter child and wants an organic carrier, whereas the parent looking for versatility and durability ought to pick the ERGObaby Organic Bundle of Joy Carrier and Infant Insert. May this article prove helpful in your hunt for the best baby carrier for newborn!