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Best Baby Bjorn Carrier Reviews

The best baby bjorn carrier may be difficult to identify as Baby Bjorn has proven their worth through years of reliable performance in all their models. However, each model has a few unique tweaks to the original design to enable it to perform a specific function better. Thus, you should decide what is most important to you in a carrier before comparing models. To aid your search, here are three Bjorn models for your consideration:

What is the Best Baby Bjorn Carrier to buy in 2017?

BABYBJORN Baby Carrier Original

BABYBJORN Baby Carrier Original, Black, Cotton

The Baby Carrier Original is an innovative two-piece front-positioned carrier featuring strong latches that can be single-handedly fastened and released with ease. This allows you to place your baby in the carrier without assistance, unhook one side for discreet nursing, and even remove the front so you can lay down a sleeping baby without causing stirring. The carrier also provides good posture for your infant, with a detachable head support, so you can position your baby with their backs toward you when the head support is no longer necessary. A sliding buckle allows you to adjust the fit to accommodate your baby’s growth. The optimum size range for comfortable use is from 8 to 25-pounds. This unit is also made of 100% cotton fabrics that are Oeko Tex Class 1 certified material, and machine-washable to boot. The wide, padded shoulder straps evenly distribute the weight and are completely adjustable for your comfort.
Many reviewers like this model. Users said that the carrier is great for smaller infants, even newborns, but with prolonged use or larger infants, it does put some strain on the shoulders and neck. Feedback showed that the unit is sturdy and durable. Parents also commended the ease of use, but noted that it was uncomfortable to use in warm climates and while breastfeeding.
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BABYBJORN Baby Carrier Air

BABYBJORN Baby Carrier Original- Gray/White, Mesh

The Baby Carrier Air is basically the Baby Carrier Original, but with a few perks. Boasting the same two-piece design, easy fastening, ergonomic support, sliding buckle, and wide, padded shoulder straps; the difference is in the fabric used. This unit features a 3D 100% polyester mesh fabric that gives you 138% better heat reduction and 30% better moisture reduction than other carriers, keeping both baby and you cool and comfy even in warm and humid weather. As is the case with all Bjorn carriers, the fabric is made from Oeko Tex Class 1-certified material, and is soft to the touch. In addition, it is also machine-washable, with a quick-dry feature. This unit comes with a two-year warranty and has a design specifically crafted, with medical experts’ consultation, to suit newborns. The weight requirement of the unit is from 8 to 25-pounds. This carrier also comes with a storage bag that can be kept in an inner pocket of the carrier, for practicality.

Most reviewers like this models, commending the comfort and breathability it provides. Feedback shows children are very comfortable in the carrier, giving parents the silence and peace to run errands or do chores. It is also ideal for walks, days out, or travelling. Some users note that the shoulder straps on this unit have thinner padding than other models, thus are less comfortable and seem less durable. As such, carrying heavier babies puts some strain on the shoulders and back, especially after extended periods. Users also pointed out that the unit can be very uncomfortable unless perfectly adjusted, which can be taxing, given the rapid growth of young children.
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BABYBJORN Miracle Baby Carrier


BABYBJORN Baby Carrier Miracle, Black/Silver, Cotton Mix

The Miracle Baby Carrier is a carrier specifically crafted for your newborns, from birth up to 15 months, or from 8 to 26-pounds. The carrier offers superior head and hip support, while letting the child’s limbs move uninhibitedly; it can even help remedy colic. The fit is completely customizable, with an adjustable waist belt and back support for lumbar support. In addition to the usual range of carrying positions that Baby Bjorn carriers offer, you can opt to carry our child either high, or low on your chest. The size adjustment buckle also accommodates for your child’s growth, providing comfort every step of the way. Keeping the sensitive skin of babies in mind, the inner surface of the carrier is completely smooth, as its seams are on the external surface, to prevent chafing. You can also choose from a range of fabrics: airy mesh, 100% organic cotton, or soft cotton mix. The unit is covered by a two-year express warranty.

This model garnered rave reviews from users. The main highlight was the improved lumbar support over other Bjorn models. This greatly reduces the strain put on the back and shoulders when carrying a heavy child for long periods. Other praises include the adjustability, comfort and durability of the carrier. However, reviewers note that the unit is slightly difficult to fold, which encumbers storage.
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Buying the Best Baby Bjorn Carrier

Regardless which model you pick, you will be getting an easy frontal adjustment system, medically-certified support for your child’s head, back and hips, with two carrying options to choose from: whether to carry your child facing you or away from you, as this is one thing all Baby Bjorn carriers have in common. All three carriers also have compact designs for easy storage and portability, although the Miracle Baby Carrier seems to have an edge with the superior lumbar support. One downside is that Baby Bjorn carriers don’t allow for carrying your child on your back. As there is some debate about the merits of carrying children in a forward facing position, do have your own research done prior to making your purchase. May this article prove helpful in your hunt for the best baby bjorn carrier!