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Best Baby Bath Tub Reviews

The best baby bath tub should not be underestimated as it keeps your baby safe. Many parents don’t realize that an activity as harmless as bathing could easily turn fatal as young children drown in the time it takes to answer the phone, or indulge in the smallest preoccupation. A tub with good molding or supports prevents these calamities and gives parents peace of mind, in addition to keeping children spic-and-span. Here are three options to consider:

What is the Best Baby Bath Tub to buy in 2017?

The First Year’s Infant To Toddler Tub with Sling

The First Year’s Infant To Toddler Tub with Sling, Blue

The The First Year’s Infant To Toddler Tub with Sling is an adjustable tub that also doubles as a washing basin for toys, pacifiers, and bottles. It fits single and double sinks and comes with an upright backrest, a mesh sling, and foam pads that keep your toddler comfortable, minimizing fidgeting. A handy drain plug alerts parents when the water is too hot so you don’t have to worry about accidentally scalding your child. This model is suitable for newborn babies to toddlers.
Parents recommend this unit for its security and comfort. The adjustable sling ensures that younger children are immersed yet not completely submerged underwater while giving parents use of their hands. This makes for much easier bathing process, especially when a parent is doing it solo. The sponged interior also keeps older toddlers comfy and prevents slipping. However, some users note that the unit is slightly bulky and takes up space. Also, feedback shows that the drain plug doesn’t completely drain the tub, but reviewers note that it drains enough for the tub to be light enough to tip over, which suffices.
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Fisher-Price Precious Planet Whale of a Tub

Fisher-Price Precious Planet Whale of a Tub

The Fisher-Price Precious Planet Whale of a Tub features an appealing whale design to take the anxiety out of bath times. This model can be used over double sinks or inside conventional bath tubs. Designed for both infants and toddlers, this unit comes with contoured inserts for infant use, while the soft, non-slip foam interior of the tub keeps toddlers secure. The recommend weight for infants is up to 20-pounds and up to 25-pounds for toddlers.
Reviewers like this model as it keeps the child safe and comfortable. Some report that the inserts work better than slings; and many are pleased with the whale strainer that is handy for rinsing and also doubles as a bath time toy. Users also note that the tub drains quickly and the foam bits are long-lasting. However, the wedge must be removed and the area under it cleaned regularly to prevent major mold deposition.
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PRIMO EuroBath


PRI EuroBath Blue

·The PRIMO EuroBath features a special dual-position ergonomic structure with limb supports to keep the child from slipping underwater. The unit has built-in drainage and a soap, shampoo, or sponge holder. The tub also has a slot which can be used to hand it on a door hook. Made from non-toxic polypropylene plastic, this easy-to-clean tub measures 36 by 21 by 10-inches, ensuring that you will be using it for a long time. The unit is recommended for ages from 0 to 24-months.
Parents like this tub because it gives children enough room to splash about and enjoy their bath, especially larger, leggy children. Users report that the mold of the tub keeps the child comfortable. Several flaws are that the unit doesn’t drain fast enough, and storage is an issue due to its bulk, but the slot does help for the latter, and most parents are willing to overlook these for the perks of having a large tub.
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Buying the Best Baby Bath Tub

All three tubs garnered very positive reviews, so the right choice is down to personal preference. The The First Year’s Infant To Toddler Tub with Sling is great as it is large and has a dual function as a wash basin, although the sling may be hard to work with. The Fisher-Price Precious Planet Whale of a Tub has a more moderate size, is durable, reliable, and comes with a free toy, whilst the PRIMO EuroBath takes the prize in terms of size; comfort and security are also its strengths. May this help in your search for the best baby bath tub.