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Best Baby Backpack Carrier Reviews

The best baby backpack carrier is one of the essential elements that will help you immensely throughout the beginning phases of parenthood. Many parents prefer to carry their children on their backs as it gives them more mobility with their hands and is easier to balance and move about in than other positions. Children also love it as it feels very much like a piggy back ride. To aid your search, here are three models for your consideration:

What is the Best Baby Backpack Carrier to buy in 2017?

Chicco Smart Support Backpack

Chicco Smart Support Backpack, Red

The Chicco Smart Support Backpack has a lightweight, 7-pound aluminum frame that provides stability and durability. The included kickstand allows for easy loading and unloading. The unit ensures that both parent and child are comfortable, with its breathable, mesh lumbar padding and height-adjustable seat respectively. The unit also offers weather protection in the forms of a water-resistant canopy with sun visor and zip-off rain cover. For convenience, a fanny pack and cell phone case are included, so you will always have your essentials within reach. This model requires low maintenance; it can be spot-washed in cold water.
Many reviewers like this model, saying the straps are well-made and fit nicely, but others point out that the straps are poorly padded and do not tighten adequately if the use is slender. Generally, children are comfortable in the seat, although some parents worry that the seat does not offer enough security for sleeping children. Feedback also shows that users find the easy to set up and to transfer onto the back of the other parent when one gets tired. Parents particularly like this model for outdoor activities.
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Breezy Mesh Backpack baby carrier(Black w/mocha head support)

Breezy Mesh Backpack baby carrier(Black w/mocha head support)

The Breezy Mesh Backpack baby carrier boasts adjustable shoulder straps, chest straps, and lumbar support; enabling the unit to accommodate a variety of sizes and making it suitable for both parents’ usage; in addition to evenly distributing the weight across the shoulders and hips, reducing strain while carrying. The unused lengths of strap can be rolled and secured with the elastic strap included at the tip of the webbing, to prevent it from getting in the way. It can be used either backpack style, or frontal carrying style, from when babies can sit up till they are 40-pounds. The unit has a detachable head support which comes in handy for younger or sleeping children. Its contact surfaces are made from 100% cotton twill, giving both user and baby lush absorbency. There three pockets on the carrier: a large, double-layered zip pocket at the back panel, another on the surface, and a third inner pocket that unzips to expose a sturdy, 3-D mesh back which aids ventilation.

There isn’t a very large pool of feedback, but majority or the users find this model great. Highlights include the economic price tag; breathable, lightweight design; convenient pockets; easy set-up; and lush, comfortable fabric. Users find that the unit fits smaller children very well, but can be quite uncomfortable for bigger children. Some also note that the various straps and snaps are rather confusing and the absence of any instruction manual only aggravates this problem.
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ERGObaby Original Baby Carrier


Ergo Baby Carrier Black with Camel Lining

The ERGObaby Original Baby Carrier offers an array of different carrying positions to choose from, whether on the front, back, or hip. Regardless of the position, the carrier distributes the weight evenly between the shoulders and hips, giving the user a balanced stance. The unit cradles the baby in a natural sitting position, and secures the baby’s legs so they don’t dangle. The unit is machine-washable, and comes in a variety of colors and patterns.
This model garnered rave reviews from users. The highlights include the easy fastening, superior support, comfort, and durability. Reviewers also like that the carrier supports the child in a roomy, sitting position instead of a crotch-clutching position; and is great for bigger babies. However, users note the limitations of the carrier: less suitable for infants younger lighter than 15-pounds; may initially require assistance when fastening the carrier on your back; babies cannot face outwards when being carried on your chest.
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Buying the Best Baby Backpack Carrier

The perfect baby backpack carrier depends on the preferences of both you and your child. The Chicco Smart Support Backpack will suit the outdoor parent and less fidgety child, while the Breezy Mesh Backpack baby carrier is great for the parents with a budget and good ergonomic instincts. The ERGObaby Original Baby Carrier received the best recommendations from users, so this is a safe bet. May this article prove helpful in your hunt for the best baby backpack carrier!